Images of Guanyin in Dongguan with "kung fu" photographer Adam Crase

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Posted: July 13th, 2011 | Updated: January 11th, 2012 | Comments
China Photography_travel photography_chinese culture_chinese landscapes granite Guanyin, Guangdong Adam Crase is an American photographer based in Guangdong. The Bruce Lee of photography, he hopes his multi-faceted approach to photographyexplained in depth on his Guangdong'Zhangmutou. >>> I enjoy taking photos and it really doesn't matter if I'm in Guilin taking photos of karst mountains, if I'm in Shanghai photographing the architecture, if I'm shooting Xi'an's Terracotta Warriors, or if I'm in a factory photographing a table. It's my dream life! I became interested in photography in 1992 when I was in high school. I signed up for "Beginners Photography" just to fill an elective, and the rest is historyI was hooked! Big Wild Goose Pagodao_Xi'an_Adam Crase Leshan buddha_big buddha_Sichuan However, then "life" happened and I had to get a "real" job, so, I worked and shot in my spare time. I had a good career in telecoms in America, but I wasn't happy or fulfilled. Having been interested in China for many years, when the chance came, I left my old life to pursue a new challenge. I sold up and came to China nearly three years ago, first living in Xianyang, Shaanxi (a city next to Xi'an), and then Dongguan, Guangdong, where I am still based, in December 2009. Nanhuizui-Shanghai_sculpture Nansha, Guangdong In January of last year, I started my own Chinese photography business under the name of Kung Fu Imaging (the first four images in this post are the back of my name cards). There's a story behind that name but you'll have to visit my blog to find out more about that! My work is mostly product and event shoots, fashion, photographic workshops and classes, and stock photography and I'm also the photographer for what I believe to be the best local magazine in China: HERE! Dongguan. My long-term project here though, is to bring interesting modern views of China to people in the western world. Beijing, art, 789 art district, grafitti Like many other photographers, I don't look at the world like non-photographers. I see the world as if I have cameras for eyeswhen I look, I see in angles, depth, colors and light. Here I'd like to share a recent photo excursion with you, out to the large granite Guanyin statue at the top of the Guanyin Mountain Forest Park (Guānyīn Shān Sēnlín Gōngyuán, 观音山森林公园) in Zhangmutou (Zhāngmùtou, 樟木头), Guangdong. Guanyin statue, Zhangmutou, Guangdong China beekeeper, honeycomb, Guanyin Mountain Forest park, Zhangmutou Guanyin Mountain Forest Park, guangdong Guanyin Mounatin forest Park, Guangdong, granite Guanyin statue Guanyin Mounatin Forest Park, Guangdong, incense, temple granite guanyin statue, Zhangmutou, Guangdong granite Guanyin, Guangdong granite Guanyin statue, Guangdong, Zhangmutou, china sunset I hope you've enjoyed these few photos from China. It's a marvelous country and I hope to share more of it with you! All images ©Adam Crase If you've enjoyed checking out Adam's photography, there's plenty more to see. You can pay him a visit at his Kung Fu Imaging blog, check out his online portfolio (coming soon!), or in the social media world, befriend him on Facebook or Flickr.

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