I'm Lovin' You: Getting McMarried in a Hong Kong McDonald's

Travel | by Aimee Groom
Posted: October 27th, 2010 | Updated: May 6th, 2011 | Comments
wedding party, mcdonalds,hong kong Alongside the usual Big Mac, fries and a Coke, McDonald's Hong Kong will soon have an interesting addition to its menu that will bring a whole new meaning to its catchphrase, "I'm Lovin' it": Wedding parties. Yes indeed, according to Trendhunter, the father of fast food is extending its reach beyond Happy Meals and chicken nuggets. From the 1 January 2011, McDonald's will be offering McWedding packages for all the young couples eager to celebrate their new life together in the glow of the Golden Arches. Incredibly, the move comes in response to an average of ten inquiries per month from people wanting to hold their wedding parties there. Always obliging, Micky D's has put together a menu that includes an apple pie wedding cake (but no booze--it's a family restaurant after all) and costs around HKD 2,000-3,000. That's a mere snip of the price of an average Hong Kong wedding, which according to Esdlife, racks up about HKD 140,000 for the reception alone. Price has to be a factor, but the majority of these couples have probably spent many an hour gazing misty-eyed at each other over a McFlurry and feel a romantic nostalgia for bright lighting and plastic seats. The new generation of the fast food nation has come of age--they've met there, dated there and now they want to celebrate their marriage there.
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