Tunxi Old Street (Lao Jie)




24 hours daily, shops generally open 8am-10pm

How to get there:

It's a name recognizable to any cabbie, or bus no. 6 or 12 will get you there. 

Located in Túnxī (屯溪), the central district of Huangshan City, Tunxi Old Street (屯溪老街 Túnxī Lǎo Jiē) is a stone pedestrian street lined with old shops and restaurants in restored buildings, some originally dating back to the Song Dynasty, done in the traditional style of the region's Huizhou culture. Among those, Tóngdérén (同德仁) is a traditional Chinese medicine shop opened in the 1860s.

Starting from the Zhenhai Bridge (镇海桥 Zhènhǎi Qiáo) in the west and ending in the east at the Memorial Archway, the street is about 1.5 km (1 mi) long. Take a gander at the souvenir offers, chow down on some Huizhou cuisine or just explore.

Huīzhōu (徽州) prefecture once consisted of Huangshan City and some of the surrounding areas, and, although not the official designation since 1988, it is still often used to characterize the region and its culture—in fact, it's what put the "hui" in "Anhui."

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