Huang Shan Hot Springs


RMB 30 (communal bath) or RMB 80 (private bath)


8 a.m. - 11 p.m. (bathhouse)

How to get there:

The area can be reached by road from Tangkou. Buses and taxis are regular between town and the Hot Springs. The road continues east, leading to the Cloud Valley Temple Cable Car southern terminal. The Jade Screen Cable Car southern terminal is just to the west of the Hot Springs next to Ciguan Temple, accessible by road and trail. For more on the cable cars, see our Huang Shan Transportation section.

Huang Shan's hot springs (wenquan) maintain a steaming temperature of 42ºC (107ºF) year round. Guests may bathe in the healing waters, purported to cure arthritis and skin problems. Don't expect gorgeous natural mountain pools, however—the waters have been channeled into functional pools in a bathhouse next to the Huangshan Hotel. There are a number of other places to stay, and many find it a quieter and more pleasant option than overnighting in Tangkou.


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