Celestial Capital Peak


General park admission is RMB 130, good for all trails and sights within the park.


How to get there:

There is a well-marked U-shaped spur trail off the main course of the Western Steps to the peak, whether you approach from the north or south. You can take a shortcut from the Hot Springs Area near Ciguang Temple via the Jade Screen Peak Cable Car. The southern cable car terminal is accessible by road from Tangkou.

The southernmost major peak accessible from the Western Steps, Celestial Capital Peak (Tiandu Feng) is 1,830 m (6,003 ft) high. Something of a Chinese Olympus, the "Celestial Capital" takes its name from its role in legend as the home of the Immortals and location of the city of heaven.

Though slighlty lower than nearby Lotus Flower Peak, it is the steepest of them all, with a nearly vertical stretech of the narrow ascent, the Baizhang Ladder. The peak is a popular spot for couples to affix padlocks engraved with their names to the pathway railings; it's also one of Huang Shan's most popular spots and the easiest to access, so expect major crowds on most days.


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