Bright Summit Peak


General park admission is RMB 130, good for all trails and sights within the park.


How to get there:

The Western Steps will get you to the access trail. You can also approach from the north, via the trails coming from the direction of Beihai and the Eastern Steps. The northern terminals of both the Jade Screen Peak Cable Car and the Cloud Valley Temple Cable Car will get you within a couple of km (about 1.25 miles) of the peak, though it's quite strenuous going either way.

At an elevation of 1,840 m (6,037 ft), Bright Summit Peak is the second highest in Huang Shan. North of Lotus Flower Peak and accessible via the Western Steps and trails to the northeast leading toward Beihai, it is generally regarded as the best place to catch the sunrise and watch the "cloud sea" below. It also provides great views of Celestial Capital Peak, Lotus Flower Peak, the Crucian Ridge and Jade Screen Peak

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