How to say Tsingtao in Tibetan: Shanzhai Beer?

Travel | by Dan Shapiro
Posted: October 21st, 2009 | Updated: November 1st, 2010 | Comments
Every bottle, can and bag of Tsingtao beer (read Qingdao) carries some slogan about being "China's well-known trademark," or something along those lines. Tsingtao beerUndisputedly China's most famous brand of suds, Tsingtao hosts China's largest annual beer festival, and is the only brand to receive international distribution and attention. But, China being China, copyright infringement running rampant and intellectual property rights being, well, non-existent, a new brand, Tezhi, has popped up in Yunnan and Tibet, looking to steal Tsingtao's thunder . . . Tezhi Beer . . . and packaging. Tezhi is, in fact, a subsidiary of Tsingtao, the company relying on their familiar green and gold branding colors to attract a generation of new drinkers. So Tezhi may be off the hook . . . . . . but what about Chaoshuang?
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