Hong Kong Highlights in Pictures: Beaches, Skyscrapers, Hikes & Temples

Culture | by Rebekah Pothaar
Posted: September 16th, 2009 | Updated: July 25th, 2012 | Comments
I've been to Hong Kong on two occasions, once in winter and once in spring. Both trips were very different. Every time I visit Hong Kong, I'm impressed with how beautiful and sophisticated it is. I wonder if I would like to live there one day. It's a definite maybe... Here's some photos from my two trips bringing you my personal highlights.

The view of Hong Kong Island from the top of Victoria Peak

Real estate on HK Island is expensive so buildings are tall and close together.

And streets are narrow...parking is a bitch.

There are many cool skyscrapers everywhere...

And skyscrapers are best seen at night from a Star Ferry boat.

Hong Kong has a reputation for being very glamorous...

And to be really glam, it's helpful to be able to adjust hotness upon request...

There is more to HK than shopping, there are also some temples like Man Mo Temple.

Man Mo Temple has lots of incense and the air is thick with it. Try not to cough!

Hong Kong has many beaches both on HK island, the surrounding other islands like Lantau and Lamma and in the New Territories. Repulse Bay, Shek O and South Bay are probably the nicest beaches on HK island. The above photo is South Bay Beach where mainly hot people go to ogle each other. That being said, this photo happens to have a couple kids and a family, so it's family friendly too.

When the weather is nice in HK, it's great to go out in a boat for the afternoon. This photo was taken in South Bay in vew of the beach.

This is Deep Water Bay, not far from South Bay Beach, this photo was taken from the terrace of a nice restaurant there called Cococabana, which is a nice place to go for lunch and dinner when the weather is good.

When you go to the beach...don't forget your swimsuit like these girls did.

And if you have time, spend a day hiking MacLehose Trail in the New Territories, the scenery is wonderful and the beaches are the best...you can even surf and camp here (this beach has a shop that rents tents too). For more of my photos of hiking MacLehose Trail, go here. For more tips for what to do in Hong Kong, go here. Photos by Rebekah Pothaar.
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