Yabuli Ski Resort


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8am-4pm (During peak periods, it may stay open until 10pm)

How to get there:

Located about 190 km (120 mi) from Harbin city, the fastest way to get to Yabuli is to hire a car. However, the more economical route would be to take the train (RMB 30-50 per person) or the tourist bus (RMB 40). Either of the latter option takes about three hours.

The former site of the Qing Dynasty Royal Hunting Grounds, Yabuli Ski Resort (Yàbùlì Yángguāng Dùjiàcūn, 亚布力阳光度假村) is China's largest ski resort, boasting 23 sq km (14 sq mi) of mountainous terrain. With temperatures averaging around -10°C (-23°F), a visit can be quite uncomfortable if you don't bring the appropriate clothing.

The mountain offers skiers the most challenging runs in the country, alongside easier routes for the less experienced. In 1996, the resort was chosen to host the 3rd Asian Winter Games and gained international recognition, allowing Yabuli to upgrade its facilities.

Along with great skiing, Yabuli is also home to one of the world's longest toboggan runs. The well preserved natural beauty of Yabuli gained the area National Park status in 1993.

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