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Lingyin Temple, Hangzhou: Address & how to get to Lingyin Temple | Bamboo Compass

Lingyin Temple



The Lingyin Temple (Língyǐn Sì, 灵隐寺), which literally means "where the divine rest in seclusion," has long been considered one of the most important Zen Buddhist (Chán in Chinese, 禪) temples in China. Established in 326 AD, Lingyin is located at Feilai Feng, making it one of Hangzhou's most significant and popular attractions.

Founded by a legendary Indian monk known as Huili, Lingyin is lined with various limestone sculptures and smaller shrines, including Ligong Pagoda (Lǐgōng Tǎ, 理公塔), where Huili's ashes are buried, and the Hall of the Heavenly King (Tiānwáng Diàn, 天王殿). In its heyday, the temple featured nine towers, 18 pavilions, 72 halls and housed some 3,000 monks, although it has been destroyed and rebuilt 16 times and is now comprised of structures dating back to the Qing Dynasty.

Entrance requires purchasing a ticket to both Feilai Feng and Lingyin Temple.

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