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Flower Harbor (Hua Gang), Hangzhou: Address & how to get to Flower Harbor (Hua Gang) | Bamboo Compass

Flower Harbor (Hua Gang)



Comprised of the Red Carp Pool and the Peony Garden, Flower Harbor (Huā Gǎng, 花港) is the sight of a former private garden built and owned by Lu Yunsheng, an imperial official of the Southern Song Dynasty, along West Lake. Watching the fish of Red Carp Pool in Flower Harbor was part of the traditional "Ten Scenes of West Lake" later standardized by Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi.

Today, Flower Harbor is open to the public, providing year-round natural beauty. Spring in the Peony Garden is glorious with pink, violet and custard-colored blossoms burst forth and the scents of fruit tree blossoms and azaleas perfume the air. Summer's stars include magnolias, myrtle and, of course, China's signature water blossom, the lotus. Fall and winter are not without their floral flourishes, with laurel, camellia and nandina brightening the scene.

Located just west of Su Causway on the southwestern shore of West Lake, the park makes for a pleasant hour or so at any time of year.

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