Baoshi Shan (Baoshi Hill)




24 hours daily

How to get there:

The best way to reach the hill is to simply bike around to the north side of West Lake, making sure to note the position of Baochu Pagoda, as it can easily been seen.

On the northwest shore of West Lake, Baoshi Hill (Bǎoshí Shān, 宝石山) may be best known for Baochu Pagoda (Bǎochù Tǎ, 保俶塔) at the top, which can be spotted easily from far away. Standing at 45 m (147 ft), the pagoda was first built in 963, but its current form was built in 1933.

Visitors to Baoshi Shan can also see Baopu Taoist Temple (Bàopǔ Dàoyuàn, 抱朴道院; RMB 5) a temple dedicated to a man who spent his life making immortality pills, or Yellow Dragon Cave (Huáng Lóng Dòng, 黄龙洞; RMB 15), which is really a garden with pavillions and bamboo groves. Each has its own entry ticket.

Either way, it is a scenic area with many walking trails to enjoy the tranquil beauty of the lake and nature. And because it is far enough from the main attractions in Hangzhou, there are fewer tourists.

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