Autumn Moon Over the Peaceful Lake Pavilion



One of the traditional "Ten Scenes of West Lake," the sight of the Autumn Moon Over the Peaceful Lake (Pínghú Qiūyuè, 平湖秋月) was usually taken in from a boat out on West Lake. In his reformed list of the "Ten Scenes," the Qing Emperor Kangxi had a pavilion specially constructed on the Bai Causeway (Bái Dī, 白堤) from which to view the moon reflecting off the calm waters.

As with other views of the lake, such as the Su Causeway's "Spring Dawn," timing is important. If, however, you find yourself in Hangzhou in the middle of the summer and only have an afternoon to do the lake, you'll still find the pavilion a pleasant spot for a moment's rest and a view of Hangzhou's best-loved body of water.

The Bai Causeway connects the north shore of the lake to Solitary Hill (Gu Shan), and the area immediately surrounding the pavilion is beautifully landscaped, with verandas and additional pavilions creating a marvelous—if awfully crowded during high season—classical Chinese tableau.

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