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Staying in a Hangzhou hotel can be somewhat pricey, but cheap digs can be found. If you're planning to stay in budget accommodations during the peak season, be sure to call ahead and reserve a room.

Student dorm-style rooms can be found at around RMB100 a night for backpackers and those on shoestring budgets. Rooms at mid-range hotels tend to average about RMB 450, while high-end luxury hotels in Hangzhou can charge up to RMB 1300 a night.

Those looking for the beautiful Hangzhou scenery described by Marco Polo are best advised to stay in West Lake, even though the places he saw have long since vanished, it is still more than picturesque. Beyond West Lake (and the surrounding tea fields and hillsides to the south and west), Hangzhou's famous beauty is replaced by the dry, urban scenery of a typical Chinese second-tier city.

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