Tianhe Pool Scenic Area


May to Oct admission RMB 10, all areas pass RMB 50. Nov to Apr RMB 8/40


How to get there:

Transport to the Tianhe Pool Scenic Area is well developed. You can get here the carbon-neutral way—by horse and buggy, but bus 211 also does the trick. At 23 kilometers from town, the ride takes about 45 minutes.

A hot day in the city? Here's yet another easily accessible and worthwhile attraction in Guiyang's long list of easy outdoor getaways.

The Tianhe Pool Scenic Area is a popular spot for paddling in rafts through kilometer-deep caves, admiring unearthly karst formations, and strolling through the woods alongside crystalline waters. You'll also have the chance to experience Miao culture while you're here.

The Water Cave is the deepest and can be paddled through in rented boats. The cave is not illuminated once inside, so quality flashlights are a necessity.

Next door you'll find the three-tiered Drought Cave, featuring a cliff-spanning stone arch and an array of unlikely rock formations. Just outside is a small Miao village, where the locals perform well-rehearsed song and dance numbers, display and sell handicrafts, and otherwise fish for tourist RMBs. Despite the drive to package and sell their culture, the Miao people here appear to retain a dignified sense of their own identity.

A bit further afield, waterfalls, deep limpid pools, fascinating karst landforms and quiet expanses of forest can be explored on a leisurely walk around Crouching Tiger Lake.

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