Seven Star Park


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How to get there:

Located on the east bank of the Li River, you can take a taxi to Seven Star Park (Qīxīng Gōngyuán, 七星公园) or hop on  bus nos. 11 or 18, or free tourist bus no. 58 which take you to the entrance.

A great place for a relaxing stroll, ancient Seven Star Park (Qīxīng Gōngyuán, 七星公园) takes its name from seven karst peaks that correspond to the seven stars in the Big Dipper constellation. Covering 1.2 km sq (0.5 sq mi), the park's rocky landscape is riddled with a number of natural grottos and caves. Seven Star Cave (Qīxīng Jí Dòng 七星级洞) and Dark Dragon Cave (àn lóngdòng 暗龙洞)are two of the most popular, known for their impressive stalactites and stalagmites. 

The peaks are attractions in their own right, their fantastic shapes rising above the trees; the aptly named Camel Hill (Luòtuo Shān,  骆驼山) is a particularly enchanting karst formation. You'll also come across numerous inscriptions and paintings on the rock walls, many of which date back to the Tang Dynasty (618-907).

In addition to its natural beauty, the park is equipped with amusement park-style rides, including an outdoor go-kart track that's well worth a whirl. 

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