Li River Cruise


RMB 480 (group tour)


Cruises depart between 9-10am

How to get there:

You can easily book Li River boat cruises in advance, or arrange them on arrival at the docks just south of the Li River bridge (western shore).

There's no better way to experience the incredible karst mountain vistas of Guilin than a boat trip to Yangshuo. A Li River Cruise (Lí Jiāng Yóuchuán, 漓江游船) takes between three and five hours and offers a chance to take in Guilin, Xingping and Yangshuo's spectacular scenery in a relaxed setting. Guests are free to walk about the boat and admire the scenery from any angle they desire. Most boats have a restaurant floor at water level and a sightseeing deck above that.

About halfway along the cruise you'll come upon Nine Horse Hill (Jiǔ Mǎ Shān, 九马山), a hill with a sheer cliff face, where if you look closely and engage a hefty portion of your imagination, the likenesses of nine different horses can be seen. The cruise boat staff are happy to report that former U.S. President Clinton, during his visit to the area in July of 1998, was able to see all nine. A feat that seems to have won him much admiration. If you don't get all nine, there are plenty of other karst outcrops that resemble other things on the cruise. 

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