Banyan Lake and Fir Lake




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How to get there:

Located on both sides of Zhongshan Bei Lu (Zhōngshān Běi Lù, 中山北路) and Shanhu Bei Lu (Shān Hú Běi Lù, 杉湖北路), the lakes are accessible by taxi or by foot from most points in the city.

Historically a portion of Guilin's town moat,  Banyan Lake and Fir Lake (Róng Hú Shān Hú, 榕湖杉湖) once protected the city and its people from hostile intruders. Today, it's simply a beautiful place to relax and enjoy some of Guilin's most beautiful views.

Situated alongside one another, Banyan Lake and Fir Lake are named, unsurprisingly, for the trees that have long surrounded them (one banyan is reputed to be nearly 800 years old).

It's not all banyan and fir, however: the landscape surrounding the lakes is also home to bamboo groves and peach and cassia trees. Bridges zigzag over both lakes, leading to small islands that dot the water, and, along with two sizable pagodas, it all makes for a lovely classical scene. At night, the pagodas light up like Christmas trees, making the lakes a popular spot for evening strolls.

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