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Guilin produces a plethora of handicrafts and textiles that are distributed all over southwestern China. Stroll around the city's alleyways and side streets and you're sure to bump into a number of workshops and artists working away at their craft. You might be able to buy directly from some of these make-shift studios but the Guilin International Commodity Market has an enormous display of souvenirs. If you're more in the market for clothing and electronics, check out Zhongshan Lu (Zhōngshān Lù, 中山路). This street has a large selection of department stores and shops selling mostly knock-offs. The stalls in Yangshuo sell inexpensive handicrafts and jewelry as well as osmanthus tea (guìhuā chá, 桂花茶) and osmanthus wine (guìhuā jiǔ, 桂花酒) the smells and tastes of which will remind you of your stay in Guilin. It is important to keep in mind that tourism is a large part of this city's economy and locals are notorious for ripping-off foreign visitors. Keep this in mind while shopping and don't be afraid to bargain.

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