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Guilin is a large enough city that it has great public transportation, but it's also small enough that you can rely on your feet a lot of the time to get you places.


Buses in Guilin are, for the most part, clean and safe and cheap, cheap, cheap! Buses stopping at local tourist attractions usually start with the number 5 (the no. 58 is useful and runs from the train and bus station to the main attractions in Guilin) and are free to ride. Any other bus ride should not cost more than RMB 5.


Taxis run 24-hours a day and are cheaper in Guilin than most other Chinese cities. The flagfall rate is RMB 7.


Bikes are a popular method of transportation in Guilin and if you're comfortable with them, it's a great way to get around. Many hotels and shops in town will rent tourists bikes with a RMB 200-500 deposit and a photocopy of your passport. Bikes usually cost between RMB 10-20 to rent each day.


A trip to Guilin would not be complete without a boat ride on the Li River. A boat cruise to Yangshuo can be arranged through pretty much any hotel in Guilin. Group tours in English cost around RMB 500 per person but just RMB 180 for the same day trip in Chinese if you are happy to just sit back and take in the view.

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Liangjian International Airport has dozens of daily Guilin flights both international and domestic. Flights to and from Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Macau and Thailand arrive in and depart from Guilin on a weekly basis and usually cost around RMB 3,000 for a one way ticket. There are several flights to and from Beijing, Chengdu, Kunming, Shanghai, Xi'an and many other Chinese cities daily ranging in price from RMB 500 to RMB 1,600. The airport is about 30 km (18 mi) from Guilin's city center which takes about 40 minutes by taxi. There is also an airport shuttle available which takes about one hour and costs RMB 20.


Travel by railway to and from Guilin can be a little tricky but is far less expensive than traveling by plane. An international train from Beijing to Hanoi passes through on Guilin's Xiang-Gui line twice weekly. There are trains to all corners of China from the city's two main railway stations (Guilin Station and Guilin North Station), including direct Beijing, Shanghai and Kunming links which all take around 25 hours and cost between RMB 250-450.

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