Yuexiu Park




6am-9pm daily

How to get there:

Taking Metro Line 2 to the Yuexiu Park Station brings you right to the park. Buses 5, 24, 63, 103 and 110 also stop at the park. To the south of the park is the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall.

Guangzhou's largest public park, Yuexiu Park (Yuèxiù Gōngyuán, 越秀公园), features the usual green space but also houses a small city museum, remnants of the old city wall, a statue of the city's five founding rams, the 14th-century Zhenhai Tower (Zhènhǎi Tǎ, 镇海塔) and some manmade lakes.

The entrance fee is a steal compared to most of China's city parks, so take advantage and while away a few hours in this touted "ecological and cultural wonderland."

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