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How to get there:

The Metro Line 1 Huangsha Station is in the middle of the Xiguan area; alternatively, you can walk south on Baohau Lu (Bǎo Huá Lù. 宝华路) from the Metro Line 1 Changshou Lu Station.

An area featuring traditional Qing Dynasty Cantonese merchant houses, Xiguan Residences (Xīguān Dàwū, 西關大屋) provide a unique view on Guangzhou's rich past.

Built of timber, stone, marble and brick and featuring ornate decorations and architectural features designed to signal wealth and success, the buildings extend through numerous rooms, halls and courtyards, each of which originally had a specific traditional function.

There are around 100 Xiguan residences remaining today. Some are well preserved; others have certainly seen better days.

Xiguan traditionally covers the area bounded by Wenchang Bridge, Daguan Bridge, Pantang and ChanghuayuanLiwan District (Lìwān Qū, 荔湾区).

Xiguan residences are concentrated on Baohua Lu (Bǎohuá Lù, 宝华路), Duobao Lu (Duōbǎo Lù, 多宝路), Baoyuan Lu (Bǎoyuán Lù, 宝源路) and Fengyuan Lu (Féngyuán Lù, 逢源路).


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