Qingping Market




8am-6pm daily

How to get there:

North of Shamian Island, the stalls of the Qingping Market are located along Qingping Lu (Qīngpíng Lù, 清平路). Metro Line 1 Huangsha Station will get you closest.

The Qingping Market (Guǎngzhōu Qīngpíng Shìchǎng, 广州清平市场) used to be the place for exotic animal trade and the sale of various ground up herbs, antlers and mushrooms full of medicinal promise. Though part of the name means "peaceful" it was anything but peaceful and the melee of squawking and feathers drew a lot of attention during the SARS scare.

The venue has been cleaned up with the vendors occupying clean, clinical-looking stalls, but there are still plenty of mind-blowing ingredients for sale and the market retains much of its mystical charm. Besides, the display of live animals is a free alternative to the lackluster Guangzhou Zoo.

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