Canton Fair Complex (Guangzhou Exhibition Center)


Varies by event


Varies by event

How to get there:

Guangzhou’s Metro Line 8 Pazhou Station (formerly part of Line 2 is a short walk away.

From the Baiyun Airport, this trip can take nearly three hours, making splashing out the RMB 150 price tag for the under-an-hour-trip by taxi rather more tempting.

Leisure travelers to Guangzhou don’t generally put Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center (Guǎngzhōu Guójì Huìzhǎn Zhōngxīn, 广州国际会展中心), or the Canton Fair Complex (Guǎng Jiāo Huì Zhǎn Diàn, 广交会展店) for short, on their itinerary. The massive complex, home to the twice-annual Canton Fair (Guǎng Jiāo Huì, 广交会) since 2002, is a sight to behold come fair time in the spring and autumn though—over 100,000 people looking to buy, sell or trade fill the complex, with booths selling everything from candy to massage chairs.

Even for travelers not there to buy and sell, it’s an interesting experience. However, for those not looking to start a career in sourcing, the RMB 300 admission fee might not be worth it.

Canton Fair, however, is not the only exhibition held at the Pazhou Island (Pázhōu Dǎo, 琶洲岛) complex, which has shows throughout the year includeing light and sound equipment expos, car and truck shows, wine festivals and more.

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