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Guangzhou has always been about commerce, and as such, it boasts some of the planet's best shopping. Hard-core comparison shoppers, however, will want to hit the Pearl Delta's other commodity hotspots, Hong Kong and Shenzhen, to make sure they've covered all the bases and found the best deals.

While Hong Kong still rules the roost when it comes to imports and brand names and Shenzhen sometimes seems like the world's biggest clearing house, Guangzhou provides bargain-seekers with a nice balance between luxury labels, local flavor and cut-rate factory-floor deals.

Expect to find a lot of China's famous fakes on the street, some of remarkably good quality and others not worth the trouble. Manufactured goods and textiles—both "real" and fake—make up most of the shopping in Guangzhou, with more and more of it is happening in Western-style malls.

If you're looking for something more unique pay a visit to Qingping Market, known for its wealth of exotic plants, herbs and animals. Antiques are big in Guangzhou, too, and the White Swan Arcade on Shamian Island is a fine place to start looking for antiques as well as arts & crafts, books and jewelry. Just be on guard against fakes, no matter where you go, and drive a hard bargain.

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