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Guangzhou's nightlife is growing, as more and more bars, pubs, clubs and cafés pop up. Many new arrivals on the scene strike something of a Western pose, but the dominant notes are Guangzhou all the way.

Get a room in a KTV (karaoke) joint and sing your heart out, head to a "hot and loud" Cantonese eatery and take your time dining and drinking; hit a club for pounding international DJ beats; hit an opening at a hip, unmarked art space or take in a traditional Cantonese opera... the choices are many and seem to be multiplying every day.

If you just want to bar hop, try the Baietan Bar Street in the Fangcun District (you can take the metro to the Line 1 Fangcun Station and head north, taking a right along the water) and take your pick of neon-lit nightspots.

For a quieter interlude, join the couples strolling in the evening along the Pearl River, reflecting the lights of the city and creating a languidly romantic atmosphere that surprises many accustomed to the non-stop commercial hustle and bustle of day-time Guangzhou.

For the latest A&E listings, check out a copy of That's PRD ("PRD" as in "Pearl River Delta"), generally available around town wherever expats are likely to gather.

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