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rst=0&wdqtm=0&wdqcham=1&wdqt=广州白云国际机场">广州白云国际机场), one of the largest airports in China and second only to Hong Kong International in South China. The Guangzhou Metro Line 3 stops some 400 m (437 yd) from the airport. This line has two different end points which split at Tiyu Xilu, so listen carefully or ask to make sure you're on the correct train.


A shuttle bus runs between the airport and Zhuhai every hour from 10am to midnight, departing from Arrival Hall A/7 Exit and Arrival Hall B/10 Exit. Charter bus service is available to Dongguan; tickets can be purchased at the same exits.

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Guangzhou Railway Station (Guǎngzhōu Huǒchēzhàn, 广州火车站) is located on Huangshi Xi Lu northwest of the city. It can be reached by Metro Line 2 and public buses. Guangzhou is on the Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, the main north-south line through China. The Guangzhou-Maoming Railway and Guangzhou-Shantou Railway run east-west through Guangdong Province.

Guangzhou East Railway Station (Gǔangzhōu Dōng Zhàn, 广州东站) mainly serves trains headed to Shenzhen and Shantou. It is also the east terminal station of Metro Line 1. Trains run between Guangzhou and Shenzhen everyday, every 15-30 minutes.


Frequent ferries and hovercraft link Guangzhou to Hong Kong, Macau and Haikou (Hainan) from the Zhoutouzui Ferry Pier (Zhōutóujǔ Mǎtóu, 洲头咀码头). Boats also run to Xiamen, Qingdao and Shanghai from the Dashatou Pier (Dàshātóu Mǎtóu, 大沙头码头). Out of town New Nansha Port (Nánshā Gǎng Kèyùn,南沙港客运) operates four lines to Hong Kong, Macau and Hong Kong International Airport.

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