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The Cantonese are famous for their food, from dim sum to... just about anything and everything.

Huge meals consisting of a veritable parade of small dishes are the Cantonese ideal, with both familiar and less-familiar once-living things filling plates and stomachs, including a variety of amphibians, reptiles and insects on the menu.

Funny thing is, bugs and snakes generally taste great swimming in delicious sauces—it's just that many of us can't get over the initial shock of eating animals we might expect to see in a zoo but not on a menu. Generally, it's worth trying almost anything, but do note that unscrupulous (or perhaps simply ignorant) restaurateurs sometimes serve up endangered species—hardly a recipe for a good social conscience.

Despite the menagerie reputation, Guangzhou's traditional cuisine features more familiar staples of seafood and pork, often braised or barbecued, along with refreshing tropical fruits.

As a port city, Guangzhou has also long had access to cuisines from around the world.  Alongside dim sum and barbecue, you can find excellent Thai, Indian, Vietnamese and Italian food, and the diversity of offerings is only growing as the city becomes increasingly cosmopolitan.
Guangzhou is definitely an eater's city—it's been known that way for centuries and many an adventurous gourmand finds it a top-ranking culinary vacation destination.

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