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Posted: July 5th, 2011 | Updated: July 25th, 2012 | Comments
Ctrip_Community page_social network hub_social media Tweet. Like. Poke. Tube. Blog. We've got it down—Ctrip's in your Interweb. Tweeting all your Facebooks. LOL! Welcome to the new Ctrip English Community page, our shiny new social media hub and a nexus of up-to-date China travel news, deals and promotions ready to be clicked, tweeted, liked and shared throughout the Twitter-/ blogo-/ Facebooker- sphere. Everything you need to enjoy China to the fullest is just a click away. A live feed delivers all the latest travel destinations, essential and off-the-wall stories, travel tips and trip reports from the China Travel Blog, plus all the best travel deals and promotions and… contests! That's right. If you missed out on the mustache-mania of last year's Mustache Summer or the snap-happy Ctrip China Travel Photo Contest, don't fret because the next big thing is just around the corner and believe us, you won't wanna miss it! Get a feel for Chinese culture with hordes of pics of stunning scenery, people, places and faces and see China life in action on our video stream where you can visit a local fish market or explore China's cities. Whatever your China travel needs, the Ctrip English Community page is the place to start. Be the first to hear about the best China travel deals, win great prizes or just find out more about this incredible country. Join the conversation, take to the virtual skies and tweet away, poke your friends and tell us what you think; the social network training wheels are off as the Ctrip English Community picks up the pace on the social media superhighway.
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