Freedur winners and prizes galore! Ctrip China Travel Photo Contest update

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Posted: December 8th, 2010 | Updated: December 8th, 2010 | Comments
Aveznik Xingping Ladies and gentleman we have our first winner! Selected at random from over two thousand photo entries so far entered in the Ctrip China Travel Photo Contest, the luck of the draw has named Katya Knyazeva (Avezink on Flickr) as the recipient of the first of ten FREE Freedur VPN account giveaways. We've got nine more to go, and we'll be dishing them out from now until the end of the contest (submission deadline 18 February 2011). For your chance to be the next winner of a year's worth of unfettered China internet access from sign up for the China Travel Newsletter (and all the great on and off-beat travel news, destinations and stories it entails). But wait, there's more after the jump!  We're also pleased to announce a few more Mark Vranicar putting his recently published photography book Expressing the Orient up for grabs. The fun and fabulous online photostore Photojojo are also getting in on the action. This awesome set of cell phone camera lenses mean crisp and clear shots on the go, transforming your standard flat lens photos into wide and up-close wonders using nothing more than than your trusty camera phone. Want to get involved, win fantastic prizes and share your photos with the rest of the world? Then tag your Flickr photos with “ctrippic” or email them to us directly at Head to our Ctrip China Travel Photo Contest home page for full details.
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