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Posted: November 22nd, 2012 | Updated: November 23rd, 2012 | Comments
With winter picking up the pace, some of us might be thinking about exactly which of China's remaining warm getaways we should be escaping to. But, of course, successful vacations require time to be spent on researching the best locations for the best value, and for our schedules to be cleared in advance. But who has time for due diligence nowadays?! Well, guess what? I'm not going on vacation any time soon, and it's actually my job to do all this preliminary dirty work for YOU.>>> While I've already told of the beachy wonders of sunny Sanya over in the southernmost corner of China, you'll still need a place to lay your head. Instead of relying solely on the official ratings given by all the top travel booking agencies, I've read customer reviews from around the Internet and examined official and guest photos of rooms in order to get a better picture of the best Sanya...

1. Sanya Backpackers

Address: No.1 Type 1 Villa,  Luming Community, Haihua Road, Dadonghai Make a reservation Rates: From RMB70 for a dormitory bed to RMB350 for a Deluxe Family Room The privately-owned Dadonghai Beach is just a short walk down Haihua Road, so guests can enjoy being located conveniently near the water without having to pay the premium of beachfront property. They've got everything a budget traveler could ask for in a hostel: free Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, bicycle hire, luggage storage, hot showers, cable TV and, most importantly, a bar. It's also located nearby some popular places to eat, such as the Dolphin Bar and the Qidian Coffee House. And finally, a sure sign of a cozy and accommodating hotel are the rave reviews from the guests about the owners themselves. "If you want to feel 'at home' go and stay at Chris and Linda's Hostel!" said one happy reviewer. Chris, a Singaporean, also offers guests PADI scuba lessons.

2. Sanya Sunshine International Youth Hostel

Phone: (86 898) 8895 5890 Address: 8# Villa, Ke La Quay (Close to Chen Guang Resort), Sanya Bay Road, Sanya, China Rates: From RMB 60 for a dormitory bed to RMB 140 for a Deluxe Private Double

The Sanya Sunshine International Youth Hostel is just a minute away from Sanya Bay. Conveniently located next to a bus stop that can connect travelers to wherever they need to go, and not far from the airport, this Sanya hostel offers budget tourists a great location from which to base their explorations of Sanya. I've found plenty of reviews citing the young and enthusiastic English-speaking staff, the food, the drinks and the overall atmosphere as being the hostel's key strengths. Interestingly, the hostel considers their bartender Jeson as one of their main assets and their guests seem to say the same. As one reviewer advises, "My personal favorite one is Bitter and Sweet. If you come to this hostel, you can not miss their drinks."

3. Captain's House

Address: Besides the 22nd bus stop, opposite to Banshan Jinjiang Hotel, Luling Road, Sanya, China, 572000 Rates: From RMB40 for a dormitory bed to RMB100 for a Deluxe Private Double This charming 10-room hostel, owned by Robert and Tom, two brothers who have been in the hostel business for years, is only a five-minute walk inland from Dadonghai Beach and close to the bars and Sanya nightlife. I've found that, apart from the spacious rooms and the friendly international crowd it attracts, the service from the owners themselves seems to be one of the guests' favorite things about the place. "Make sure you talk to Tom!" cheers one jovial traveler. Well, if its great location and low, low prices weren't enough to convince you, guests staying at Captain's House can also enjoy (as their official description states) free use of the pools of nearby five-star hotels! Outsourced poolery aside, the rave reviews on this place make Captain's House a strong addition to this selection of Sanya's best budget hotels.

4. Blue Sky International Youth Hostel

Website: Phone:  (86) 138 7679 1920 Address: No.1 Lanhai Alley, Haiyun Road, Dadonghai District, Sanya, China Rates: From RMB40 for a dormitory bed to RMB360 for a Private Quad

Also only a short walk away from Dadonghai Beach is the Blue Sky International Youth Hostel, where, as they say on their website, "Socialisation is at the core of the Blue Sky Hostels ethos!" Socialization indeed. These guys throw parties like it's nobody's business. Well, no one's but theirs. On their website they've got photographic evidence of a Coconut Pie Party, a Dumpling Party and even a good old-fashioned Pajama Party. Dex's Birthday also made the cut to be featured on their website. Oh, Dex, you party animal, you. Apart from getting down, the all English-speaking staff also organizes tours, and offers car and motorcycle rental. Once again, the management takes center stage among the reasons for loving Blue Sky International Youth Hostel; one reviewer writes "Ross knows everything about Sanya and helps in whatever you need to know or do. I actually wanted to stay 7 nights, but I liked it so much, that I stayed there for 9 nights."

5. Joe's Seaside Inn

Website: Phone:   (86 898) 7627 5009 Address: Building C, Dadonghai Garden, No.115 Yuya Road, Sanya, China 572000 Rates: From RMB45 for a private triple to RMB65 for a private twin This popular, yet understated, hostel, located just 2 minutes walking from Sanya Bay and 10 minutes to Dadonghai Beach, has also received great reviews from its happy guests. Despite its humble website and simple bio, this place has garnered plenty of praise for its cleanliness, value for money, service and location. One experienced traveler even wrote that in his 40 years of traveling, his best accommodation experience in China was at Joe's Seaside Inn. "This guy and his wife was absolutely fabulous to myself and the other guest's who was there. He could NOT do enough for us all. He was Magic! Really." Really? This place seemed to me like quite the enigma at first, but when you ask yourself 'what do I really need to enjoy a world-class beach at a low-ball price?' you'll realize that Joe's Seaside Inn has just those things: clean, spacious rooms, 24-hour hot water, air-conditioning, and Wi-Fi access. Another guest wrote, "We can't be more happy our time here! Joe, his wife and staff are extremely kind and caring!" So what are you waiting for? Find yourself a cheap flight to Sanya and go!
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