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Expo 2010 Shanghai: China's netizens voice their opinions | Bamboo Compass

Expo 2010 Shanghai: China's netizens voice their opinions

by China Travel
Posted: May 11th, 2010 | Updated: October 26th, 2010 | Comments
This is the second in a series of posts featuring translated content that originally appeared on the Chinese Internet that we are posting here at China Travel. In this installment we look at reactions to Shanghai Expo 2010 through the lens of China's netizens. Read on to see comments both hopeful and hysterical, supportive and sarcastic, the variety itself just interesting as the substance of the commentary that follows.
Originally posted in Chinese on Tianya.cn by "Smiling in the shallow." Translations by Cindy Fan and Neil Ma. The Expo 2010 Shanghai pre-opening trial run is already old news, but the opinions expressed about it in this forum thread on Tianya.cn will probably by shared by many others, both foreign and Chinese, for the Expo's duration and beyond. We've included the comment numbers here below, so that you can match them to their Chinese origins. If you see any others you find interesting, or find any errors in our translation, please let us know about them by pushing the "Respond to this post" button at the bottom of this page. Enjoy! #9 Security guards – It seems lots of people got in Expo for free – That’s funny cos how do they get past these guards? #13 The future space chairs got me excited cos I thought it would ride like hell. I even fastened my seat belt. But it turns out to be… All I can say is that you definitely don’t need seat belt! #18 The Japan-Korea Pavilion was hot, but I’m not so into Japanese and Korean products so I just took a quick glance and saw big-butt and alien-looking robots climbing like there’s no tomorrow. #19 It’s time to eat! This true story's gotta be revealed: almost all the restaurants including KFC in Expo are 20-50% more expensive than their franchise outside Expo area. What’s worse, you have to queue up for 1 or 2 hours with heavy crowd to get in any of the restaurants. When it starts to rain at noon and it gets cold, you miss hot instant noodles that can be ready in 5 minutes. So I think bringing your own food is the best way to save money and time. (Water’s not allowed to be brought in, you are only allowed to buy drinks within the Expo site… #20 After an expensive lunch, people at our table started to compare souvenirs. It’s not a the smartest move to go to Expo with a group because it’s very crowded there which makes it hard to stay together and organized as a group. I’d recommend going with 2 or 3 friends. As I walked to the river dock, I saw a number of machines used for booking pavilion tours which could have saved us time. #27 We’ve got the most advanced ticket checking system, a super-popular bathroom that automatically shuts the door...but let me ask this: what’s the point of spending so much money to hold the biggest Expo in the history? Let’s look at the facts, we have draught in southwest China every year, water systems that are either rusty or they don’t have one at all. Some people even live on pond water or mud water. So where’s your high-tech inventions in this circumstance, where’s justice and love of your fellow Chinese? #50 I think it’s not as good as everyone expected!!! I’m having 2nd thoughts about going. #67 I’m right here waiting for the builder (Chinese word which means author of this post) be beaten (with brick, this is popular on the internet). Shanghai Expo makes Chinese proud. Stupid Shanghai citizen. Losing face in front of foreigners. Ha-ha-ha! #69 I live near Expo site and I’m not interested in Expo to be honest, neither do any of my friends. The presence of Expo causes lots of trouble for everyone: nearly any shop or apartment on the side of the road have been repainted or rebuilt to look nice and this has caused bad air pollution for years. My parents were “taken by force” to be Expo “volunteers”…The fact is, this whole rebuilding project coordinated by our government is just for show and rumor says it costs 400billion yuan. #75 Hope the Expo area and Olympics have earthquakes. #83 A century sees China go from a World Expo participant to a hosting country. TheQing Dynasty overthrown and a new nation on the same soil is thriving. #149 We, the poor post-1980s generation, grew up in the times when the compulsory education charged tuition fees and university graduates are not assigned jobs. At the age of 26, I graduated from the university with masters degree, deeply in debt. To earn a living, I went job hunting as far as Jiangsu and Zhejiang province in the east, Hunan and Guangdong in the south as well as Western Chinese region and Beijing. Ten years witnessed my diligent work and ten thousand yuan on my bank account. Unfortunately, housing price soared and my savings was barely enough for the down payment. After purchasing shares in Chinese stock market, it plummeted. The next year all I got is 10,000-plus. Frustrated as I was, I got illness and hospitalized for one week. Having recovered yet, the hospital sends me out for owing it money. The medical insurance policy also turned back on me. A friend of mine bought me Sanlu milk powder and I died in misery. #180 Words can’t describe the beauty of Shanghai Expo nightscape. I am so proud of China, my beloved country. #184 Volunteers in green are everywhere in the Expo Park. Rumors said they are students from Shanghai's top universities. Bombarded with questions and queries, they seem eager to help but know little, but they won’t fail you on the location of the Chinese pavilion. Walking up the steps of a white foot bridge, we group of four easily spotted the Imperial-red Chinese pavilion, the Crown of the Orient signifying prosperity and wealth. Rushing to our destination, we didn’t slow our pace at the gates of pavilions of Asian countries including those of Malay and Singapore. #268 Bloggers, please stop taking photos of dazzling pavilions and unforgettable moments. Give us some reminders by posting some photos of the downside. #343 I find it shortsighted to break the bank on a large-scale high-flying show-off exhibition rather than spending the sum on down-to-earth scientific research. Science and technology figures prominently in a brighter future and businesses are not the fundamental foundation of a country. It is a pity to learn the news nowadays kids wish to grow up to be wealthy businessmen or powerful officials. #360 Can’t wait to go to Shanghai Expo 2010. #363 Shanghai has turned on a brand new look since last year. A hands-on Expo tour is a must. #394 This time China is the focal point of the world attention. Don’t screw up or it may be jeered at home and abroad! More Shanghai Expo 2010 related content on ChinaTravel.net: Best Pavilion at the Expo site? South Korea Anyone know about cheap Expo 2010 Shanghai hotel or accommodation? Are single-day Expo entry tickets already sold out??? 15 Shanghai pickpocket hotspots—and how to defend against thieves
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