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Posted: June 22nd, 2011 | Updated: January 11th, 2012 | Comments
China Photography_travel photography_chinese culture_chinese landscapes Hangzhou Huanglong Dong_Eric Dai Hangzhou-based software programmer Eric Dai may not be a professional photographer but he certainly has an excellent eye and when we stumbled across his online gallery earlier this month we very much liked what we saw. Here he shares some of his favorite China photo moments from home and away.>>> I'm not a professional photographer, just an amateur. I never like to say if I think others' photos are good or not because no-one can really understand the emotion that goes on when a photographer takes his or her photo. Speaking for myself though, I can say that I like every one of my photos. I love to travel and feel it's a good way to expand my horizons and offers lots of new opportunities to take photos of different cultures, people and scenery. Here are a few of my favorites so far: Qinghai Lake_Eric Dai Qinghai Lake: I took this photo in 2008 on the way to Qinghai Lake, a famous saltwater lake in China. The colorful flags and symbols on the ground are important in the culture of the local people here. I don't really understand them, but I think they look very mysterious when you suddenly find them in the middle the vast grassland. The focus here is on the colorful symbols, with the big sky as the background. train xining to xi'an_eric dai Child in Xining: This photo was taken on the train from Xining to Xi'an. I guess the child is from a minority and had never seen a camera before—he was very curious about my lens! His big eyes really impressed me. Qinghai province_desert_Eric Dai Desert in Qinghai: Taken around 2008 this image shows a desert in Qinghai Province. Many young people were very excited at seeing desert scenery for the first time. hangzhou_Huanglongdong_Eric Dai Huanglong Dong: This photo shows the entrance of Huanglong Dong Park (a tourist attraction in Hangzhou). Here I want to show the daily life of people living in the city. I think Hangzhou is a good place to live for its slower tempo life and the beautiful views. Yunnan_Eric dai Yunnan: I took this picture in 2007 on a trip to Yunnan Province. This was actually the first time I traveled by myself. It was just me and my big bag so I will never forget that time in Yunnan. You can see here the small village at the foot of the mountain, where I spent several days staying with a local family. The way people live there is full of kindness and simplicity. Hangzhou wild animal park_eric dai Bear: This photo, taken in 2005 shows a red panda in the Hangzhou Wild Animal Park (Hángzhōu Yěshēngdòngwù Yuán, 杭州野生动物园). Hangzhou snow 2008_Eric Dai Father & Daughter: I took this image in 2008 in Hangzhou. There was a big, heavy snowfall in the winter of 2008, and I spent one day walking to West Lake from my home, taking photos on the way. This father and daughter were playing in the snow—I think it shows a great sense of harmony. All photos © Eric Dai If you've enjoyed looking at Eric's photos, go ahead and visit his online gallery where there are plenty more to be seen.
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