Enjoying the Skyline on Shanghai's First Gay Cruise Party

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Posted: August 18th, 2009 | Updated: August 7th, 2014 | Comments

Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Shanghai

Last weekend I went on the first ever Big Gay Boat Cruise on the Huangpu River (it's not actually called that, but it is a big cruise boat full of gay people, so it kind of is a BGBC). I was lured by the promise of free-flow rum, handsome men in sailor outfits and a jolly good time. And well, after two years in Shanghai, I have never actually taken a boat ride on the river.

During the day, the yellow river doesn't look all that pretty anyway.  However, but night it's very, very exciting! And you wanna know why it's exciting? Well, it's very simple actually, it's the Shanghai excitement formula: Lights + Towers =  EXCITEMENT!!! If you don't like lights and towers you are not going to appreciate Shanghai and you should just go the hell home. Thankfully, I like both...

Anyway, I was not the only straight person on the BGBCthere were likely about ten of us. And yes, it was fun. Nobody drowned. Lots of dancing, a DJ who may or may not have been straight (we all had our bets), sailor costumes,  fireworks, rum and, as promiseda sea of shirtless, dancing beautiful men. Most of the photos are not fit for human consumption, but these ones are just pure scenery. Pudong by night is the perfect eye candy of a BGBC. 

Pudong by Night

The Oriental Pearl Tower, Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center

Pudong skyline

Puxi by Night

Puxi , The Bund, Shanghai

Puxi, The Bund, Shanghai

Photos by Rebekah Pothaar.

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