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The main staple in the Dunhuang diet is wheat flour, most commonly used to make noodles, served with lamb, chicken or beef. Niàng pízi, (酿皮子) made from pea flour that turns into a clear, white noodle, is also popular. These noodles are usually seasoned with hot peppers and served cold any time of day. Sāozǐ (臊子) is a common noodle soup served with meat and vegetables. Stuffed bread (vegetable, meat or both) and kebabs can be found all around the city and are a great snack. Donkey meat yellow noodles (lǘròu huáng miàn, 驴肉黄面) are another savory and popular local dish.

Most of the hotels in town have decent restaurants; among the best is the Dunhuang Hotel, good for local dishes and hotpot.

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