Doing the 'du with Ctrip: A Taste of Chengdu (Part 1)

Culture | by Sascha Matuszak
Posted: March 8th, 2013 | Updated: July 24th, 2014 | Comments

In celebration of Chinese New Year, Chengdu. Here's a sampling of what they found on Day 1... Sichuan is justly famous for its food and there were a host of tasty snacks to be found everywhere we went, like these bowls of cold spicy noodles or "liáng pí" (凉皮) and the local variety of spring rolls or "chūn juǎn" (春卷) with mushrooms and crunchy julienned veg rolled up in a fine pancake or tofu skin and served with lashings of lip-smacking chili sauce. More after the jump.... Wenshu Monastery, we strolled around neighboring Wenshu Fang Jie and quickly came across a bustling strip of street food joints and a mini faux antiques market with several stalls laden with quirky knickknacks from China and Tibet (above). Lantern Festival decorations as Chinese New Year drew to a close. Equally pretty by day as by night, they brought even more color to the already bright and lively Jinli Street. Kuan Zhai Xiangzi or "Wide Narrow Alley" still makes for a very pleasant spot to while away an hour or two. It's one of the most popular hangouts in town and with a host of local press in tow, the Ctrip group caused quite a stir as they wandered through the old Qing Dynasty villas and shopped for panda paraphernalia. Sichuan Opera show is a must for any trip to Chengdu. Though some may find Chinese opera a little hard on the ear, the Sichuan Opera show at Shufeng Ya Yun Theater (23 Qintai Road; 琴台路23号) involves a host of musical, acrobatic, fiery and comedic acts that will keep any audience entertained. Add on a massage or an ear-clean (RMB 30-80) during the show for a truly authentic Chengdu experience! Look out for a Taste of Chengdu Day 2: Pandas and Pingle—coming soon! Read more about Chengdu on the China Travel Blog: Chengdu Insider: Going to Chengdu? Do like the locals do.... What to do around Chengdu: Day trips and short itineraries

Filming in Chengdu: the spirit
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