Big Deer Island (Da Lu Dao)



How to get there:

From Dandong bus station (across from the train station) take a bus (RMB 15, every 20 mins)  to Gushan, the terminal is at Dagushan Wharf. The best way over is by hovercraft (RMB 50, 20mins), but yachts (RMB 50, 20 mins) and passenger ferries (RMB 30, 1 hour, high tide only) can also get you there.

With historic sites from the First Sino-Japanese War (1894-1895), caves, a temple to a goddess of the sea, monuments and one of the largest beaches in northern China, Big Deer Island makes for both a nice retreat from the city and a fascinating historical attraction. 

Da LU Dao is not far from  Dagu Shan (Dagu Mountain), so you can follow up a day of hiking the mountain with a great seafood dinner by the water.

Pack plenty of water before going, as it is quite expensive on the island itself.

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