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Dalian is a thriving modern city and as such, the shopping here is of high standard. For antiques or gifts, handicrafts, glassware, embroidery work and shell carving can all be found and are popular with the locals and visitors. Most of these goods, and more besides, can be found on Tianjin Street (Tianjin Jie), just off Youhao Square.

Dalian is also a fashion Mecca, the craze for the newest and most trendy styles culminate in the International Fashion Festival that annually arrives in town. Besides the impressive array of Versace and Gucci, the festival is also a celebration of traditional Chinese clothing, and an assortment of garments, including qi pao and some nice silk clothing, can be purchased.

Head to the markets and stock up on fresh seafood and fruit from the local area. Or if you fancy a nice strip mall, check out New-Mart Shopping Mall that is popular with the young fashionistas of Dalian. The Friendship Shopping Centre can be a bit pricey, but the quality of goods is high. There is also an underground mall beneath Victory Square. The area also contains some interesting trilobite fossils, which can be bought on the way to the Jinshitan Scenic Area for around RMB 10.

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