Zhonghe Temple



How to get there:

For those with the fortitude, a two-hour hike from the bottom will take you to the temple. Of course, there's no shame in taking the easy option and enjoying the views from the Zhonghe Temple Cableway (Zhōnghé Sì Suǒdào, 中和寺索道), which can be reached by taxi and costs RMB 35 (one-way) or RMB 50 (round-trip).

Perched up on high in the Cang Shan mountain range, Zhonghe Temple (Zhōnghé Sì, 中和寺) is a modest temple with a panoramic view of Er Hai lake and the lowlands around it. A common stop for those hiking up Cang Shan, Zhonghe Temple is a good place to stop and get your bearings, plus there's a restaurant nearby to fuel up.

It's also possible to stay the night in the temple.

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