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8am-7pm daily

How to get there:

About 2 km (1 mi) west from Xiaguan City (Xiàguān, 下关) at the intersection of Binhai Dadao (Bīnhǎi Dàdào, 滨海大道) and Canglan Lu (Cānglàng Lù, 苍浪路). A roundtrip taxi fare from Dali will set you back about RMB 50. Alternatively the last stop of bus no. 8 drops you about 500 m (547 yd) away.

Erhai Park (ěrhǎi Gōngyuán, 洱海公园) sits on the southern tip of Erhai Lake on the slopes of Tuan Hill (Tuán Shān, 团山) just to the east of Xiaguan (Xiàguān, 下关—sometimes called Dali City or New Dali and not to be confused with Dali a few kilometers away).

An attractive, landscaped green space featuring walkways, rockeries and shady pagodas, the Erhai Park is also home to an arboretum, playground, public swimming pool and even a zoo.

Starting at the lake edge, it's a steady climb up with 270 stone steps leading to two viewing decks: the Observation Pavilion and Long Corridor where stunning lake vistas await. The Guanertai Pagoda is also a good place to head for some of the best views of Erhai's clear jade waters.

Historically a deer reserve for the royalty of the Nanzhao Kingdom—a confederation of largely Tibeto-Burmese tribes whose descendents make up many of Yunnan's present-day minority peoples—Erhai Park in its present form was constructed in 1976 and is a great spot to relax and take in the lake views and surrounding scenery before hopping on a boat to explore Erhai Lake.

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