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Huguo Lu (Hùguó Lù, 护国路), Renmin Lu (Rénmín Lù, 人民路) and Bo'ai Lu (Bó'ài Lù, 博爱路) are lined with Bai women selling jewelry, marble, fabrics and Communist kitsch. Dali is known for its marble craftsmanship, and while hauling around marble may sound ball-and-chain, the variety and size of the wares might at least tempt you. When buying marble from street sellers pay 50% or less of the asking price.

The city is also famous for its blue-and-white batik printed on cotton and silk and for its abundance of clothing shops. Most shopkeepers along Huguo Lu make clothes tailored to your size for a bargain.

Most of the supposedly silver jewelry is actually brass, so be warned. The same goes for jade—though sold in abundance, it's generally low quality, so buyer beware.

Fuxing Lu (Fùxīng Lù, 复兴路) caters to the needs of Chinese tourists with an array of local teas and specialty foods. Try some local tuo tea (tuó chá, 沱茶), a type of pu'er tea which has a slightly bitter taste. Bargain hard and don't be afraid to walk away. Vendors will usually drop prices at the last minute.

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