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Dali is a small, compact city which makes travel around the area easy and quick. Renting a bicycle is a great way to get around the city, but taxis are readily available as well. There are nearby shops and many hotels offering bicycles for rent. If you intend to visit Erhai Lake, traveling by boat is a must. Boats leave from Erhai Port which is just north of the city—be sure to make a reservation at least one day in advance.

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Dali Airport is located in between Fengyi Town and Haidong Town, 12 km (7 mi) from Dali's downtown. The airport has flights from Dali to Kunming, Xishuangbanna and Guangzhou. Flights to destinations within Yunnan usually take less than an hour.


Trains travel only within Yunnan. It takes six to eight hours from Kunming to Dali by train.


Buses are the major form of transportation in Dali as two national highways meet here. There are three long-distance bus stations on Jianshe Lu (Jiànshè Lù, 建设路) in Xiaguan (Xiàguān, 下关), Dali. Dali Bus Station (Dàlǐ Kèyùn Zǒngzhàn, 大理客运总站), the biggest bus station, runs express buses to neighboring cities in Yunnan. The Passenger Transport Station (Kèyùn Fúwù Zhàn, 客运服务站), the second largest one, is near the Dali Bus Station. Buses in Xiaguan North Bus Station (Xiàguān Kèyùn Běi Zhàn, 下关客运北站) also depart to Lijiang and Zhongdian in Yunnan. Tickets to Lijiang and Zhongdian are available in travel agencies, bars and inns on Huguo Lu (Hùguó Lù, 护国路) and Fuxing Lu (Fùxīng Lù, 复兴路).


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