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Ctripper roundup: Net yourself some super deals and a new dolphin friend with Ctrip | Bamboo Compass

Ctripper roundup: Net yourself some super deals and a new dolphin friend with Ctrip

by China Travel
Posted: October 28th, 2010 | Updated: March 29th, 2012 | Comments
yoyo the dolphin It's once again time to cast across to Ctripper and see what we can reel in from the Ctrip English blog and... what's this? It looks like we've caught ourselves a dolphin! This isn't just any old dolphin of course.  Meet Yoyo, the Ctrip dolphin, who brings a fresh look to the Ctrip logo and who will be bringing you great deals on flights, hotels, activities and more. Yoyo has all the qualities you could ever ask for in a dolphin: He (she?)  is quick, smart, helpful, fun and is blessed with special travel deal-finding sonar powers, making for the perfect travel companion. Move over Flipper, Yoyo's in town! Also in the net this week are some stellar deals on post-holiday flights, with up to 80% off domestic flights awaiting anyone feeling the winter blues already. But that's not the only remedy Ctrip has got in store to combat the impending chill--check out the great prices available for China's hottest hot spring hotels. ctrip logo They've also launched two great new Three Gorges river tours. Upstream or downstream, thespectacular scenery along the mighty Yangzte River will take your breath away. Elsewhere, Chen Bing and Coley share tales of their October adventures in far-off lands; while Chen Bing was busy seeking a Tibetan restaurant in Lhasa, Coley was eating power bars in the desert on a mammoth bike ride through Mongolia. He's now looking forward to a beach holiday "where the only suffering felt will be when my MP3 player runs out of batteries." And finally, China Travel Editor Sascha Matuszak stars in Meet the Team and the Intern Diaries features a special guest, as overseas student Kealy Jones shares her experience of being an American in the USA Pavilion and the mixed reactions it inspired as Expo moves into its last few days. Happy birthday, Ctrip, and welcome Yoyo!
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