Ctripper roundup: Internships, French Concession confessions & see the world now (you won't regret it)

by China Travel
Posted: September 2nd, 2010 | Updated: July 25th, 2012 | Comments
Intern cartoon China Travel are looking for interns. If you're curious about life at Ctrip's Shanghai HQ, look no further than Ctripper's Intern Diaries, currently kept by intern and Stanford MBA candidate Tia. After a stint working in Beijing, she's joined the Ctrip English crew. She's discovered that there's a pretty steep learning curve to living and working in China, and she shares some essential tips for living in Beijing that'll help fast-track any newbie into old-hand status. Meanwhile, Ctrip English & China Travel chief editor David Perry is in the Meet the Team hot seat. Turns out he's a busy bee with an existential take on home, a hankering for hot pot, and a super-cute sidekick. He's got a whole lot of love for Shanghai's French Concession and its New York-ish qualities but considerably less for British Airways (precisely how is a flight with BA like dental surgery? Let David fill you in...and don't worry, he uses plenty of nitrous oxide). Finally, business development king Coley Dale is back once more with an impassioned call to see the world (while you still can). In Papa Does Preach, he explains his own travel philosophy and how he prefers experience and adventure in lesser-known corners of the globe to sipping cocktails on the beach. Want to get out and explore? Coley says, just do it.
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