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Ctripper roundup: China, the 16-day vacation nation? Let Ctrip help you put it all together... | Bamboo Compass

Ctripper roundup: China, the 16-day vacation nation? Let Ctrip help you put it all together...

by Aimee Groom
Posted: September 9th, 2010 | Updated: May 6th, 2011 | Comments
Go Commandao We're one week into September, and with only two more to go before the holiday bonanza that this year puts the three-day mid-Autumn festival and the seven-day October holiday just a few days apart, the question on everybody's lips is, "Where are you headed?" If you're still scrabbling around for the answer then the guys over at Ctripper, the Ctrip English blog, have got a few ideas. One that is particularly appealing is bridging the gap between the two festivals—by taking a few days extra you can have yourself 16 days straight to enjoy in any one of this year's hottest destinations. What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call your boss then check out all these awesome last minute deals still to be had on Ctrip. For those without the luxury of outstanding paid leave, then make the most of the 3-day break and book yourself a quick trip for the Mid-Autumn festival. With hotels starting at RMB 146 and up to 74% off domestic flights, its almost as cheap as staying home! When not working themselves into a holiday frenzy, the Ctripper crew also sometimes indulge in the many activities that go on here in the busy hive of Ctrip's Shanghai HQ. From hip-hop to photography or swimming (wait a minute, we have a pool?!), there's a club or class for everyone and for the last few months, Chen Bing has picked up a palette and been learning to paint like the greats, take a look at what she has to say here. We also meet the latest addition to the Ctrip English Marketing team, whose efforts to be known simply as "Ian" are rapidly rumbled by editor Emily. He came to China from Manila back in 2002 for a short trip and hasn't looked back since. Last but by no means least, we hear from Beth He. Beth has been Ctrippin' since 2007 when instead of Santa, she got Ctrip English coming down her chimney,  starting with the company on Christmas Eve (we believe Santa let loose with a jovial "Hao hao hao!" in this case). A Shanghai native with a touch of Texas, she's got fond memories of the States, but reckons on Shanghai as her long-term home.
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