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Posted: March 22nd, 2011 | Updated: March 24th, 2011 | Comments
Ctrip China Travel Photo Contest screenshot 1 It's the grand finale of the Ctrip China Travel Photo Contest! Our top 10-vote-getters have passed under the critical eye of of our panel of pro photographers, and they've had the final say. So let's take a look at how things have panned out for our ten finalists based on a composite ranking from our three judges. We'll start out with our runners-up and count down. And though they haven't made the final cut, they're not leaving the contest empty-handed. Each of them gets to enjoy a year of unfettered Internet freedom with an annual Freedur VPN account, courtesy of our sponsors Freedur! So without further ado, click through to see the results... (Click through to see the 2nd place winners) #7: Due to ties, our top ten has been reduced to a top seven. And in the lucky seven spot, we have Hong Kong's signature red taxis ranked sixth in the public voting round with 1226 votes, but dropped one place in the finals after the judges did their thing. Arnaud Vanderplancke, Hong Kong What you said:
"I really can feel the atmosphere!"—GODOU "Absolutely great as a picture. How did you do to take it?"—Yeba
What the judges said:
"I love that the camera is on the ground. Very good technique. The yellow is vibrant and gives good depth of field."—Jonah Kessel
Joint #6: A colorful pair of pics, these two were close in the public vote and they're neck-and-neck now; Senjetlee's vibrant red hues and Kirsty Collister's lively blues both place at number six:
Senjetlee dancing with baskets What you said: "The red smacks right into your face. So intense."—Lee Yue Ying "love the vibrant colours, the dynamic geometry of the lines, and the cultural reference provided by the outfit and activity"—Angie What the judges said: "Love the color in this image. The perspective is also nice—and Senjetlee gives us a glimpse into a much different life than most of us live. Nice job. I think I would have placed this one higher, if the fence wasn't in the picture and the frame was only the red wall with the ladies. Great picture, great moment."—Jonah Kessel
Joint #6: This colorful gal from Kirsty Collister garnered 1488 votes and a #2 in the public vote with the most comments of the contest, as viewers debated her possible connection to the true-blue Aussie knitter Jenny Kee!
Kirsty Collister woman in blue What you said:
"Great Expression on her face, what a happy and enjoyable feeling she has shown, what a new China with old happy and relaxed people is!! Exellent photo!"—Swallow "She reminds me so much of Australian/Chinese fashion designer Jenny Kee who made knitted garments in vibrant colours. (Remember the one Lady Di wore with the koala?)"—Susie
What the judges said:
"The subject’s sheer eccentricity, as well as the striking blue hues, make this a stand-out image."—Tom Carter "The frame is tight, which is nice; however, I would have liked to see it even more tight. We don't need the information behind—next time don't be afraid to get REALLY close to your subject. The details of her face are nice."—Jonah Kessel
#5: Beebo Wallace was number four when it came to the public vote but it seems the judges disagreed, placing his unusual perspective on the Great Wall in fifth: Beebo_wallace, Great Wall of China What you said:
"Love the angle. I like shots where the photographer finds a view not normally seen. Risking one's life or limbs to get "the shot" makes it all the more interesting to view afterwards."—mclendenen "Best photo of the Great Wall I've ever seen; and really makes me want to go visit China!"—LBTH
What the judges said:
"Cool perspective of an iconic landmark."—Tom Carter "Nice perspective and depth of field here Beebo. We get to see the most iconic image of China from a slightly different perspective. Details in the wall are nice, but I wish the frame had more wall, or more grass—rather than the negative area in the top."—Jonah Kessel
#4: At number four, it's Jiuzhaigou in all its vibrant glory: Scott Pollack, Jiuzhaigou What you said:
"Never been there, but heard a lot about it, with this breathtaking beauty the picture shows, the place truly deserves that title of "Heaven on the Earth". Salute to the photographer!"—大维
What the judges said:
"Who can deny the colors of Jiuzhaigou are the most resplendent in China, and maybe the world. While this is not a technically perfect photo—the balance and the composition could have been given more attention to at the time it was taken—it is nonetheless deserving of top-5 placement."—Tom Carter "The color in this shot is amazing. However, watch your saturation and vibrance sliders. The colors and the reflection definitely give us a peaceful feeling; however, if the frame or composition had been a little stronger this image would have placed much higher."—Jonah Kessel
On the edge of your seat yet? Well you'll have to stay there for just a little while longer—come back tomorrow to find out which photos came in at the top to win RMB 4000 worth of Ctrip travel and hotel vouchers, photography books from Tom Carter and Mark Vranicar, and pair of photojojo mobile phone camera lenses!
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