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Posted: March 29th, 2011 | Updated: April 12th, 2011 | Comments
Ctrip China Travel photo contest Well that's it folks, the Ctrip China Travel Photo Contest is over... for now. It's been a great few months and no doubt we'll be back for more later in the year, but before we go, we still have a couple of awards to hand out. There were so many top-notch photos in the top 100, we wanted to highlight a couple that didn't make it through in the public vote and so have added two extra prizes, an Editors' Pick and a Judges' Pick! Find out who the lucky winners are after the jump. Editor's Pick:

Hai_Yang This award goes to photographer Hai Yang for his awesome action shot of a cormorant fisherman that is just filled with movement and fantastic lines. This was a hot favorite over here at Ctrip/ChinaTravel HQ and also a stand out for judge Jonah Kessel who said:
"There is so much going on – with gorgeous light, movement, wildlife, people, clouds. I love the bird in the right hand corner where the camera is coming from. This is in fact a different type of birds eye view.  Also great that you got into the water to shoot this, it paid off. Simply a beautiful moment captured that to me, captures the essence of travel photography."
Judges Pick: JoongSeob_Vito_Kim Yunnan. The kids in this image have such innocent, happy smiles—as one comment on the contest page says: "Even though life is hard, kids still manage to entertain themselves." Congratulations to Hai Yang and Joong Seob Vito Kim who have won themselves an annual Freedur VPN account! Honorable mentions from the judges also go to Joel@ChinaHopeLivedotnet, Ly Hoang Long, Mario Pereda and Alfred Asia for their excellent contributions. A huge thank you to everyone who participated either as contestant, voter or judge! Do keep sharing your China Travel images with us by joining our China Travel Pics group and adding your photos. See you on Flickr!
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