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Posted: March 23rd, 2011 | Updated: April 12th, 2011 | Comments
Ctrip China Travel Photo Contest screenshot 1 After yesterday's runners up are you ready for the next winner? Well, it's two winners actually, because in 3rd place we have another tie. Two great images with exactly the same score will both receive a fantastic "China: Portrait of a People" by Tom Carter or Mark Vranicar's "Expressing the Orient") and an annual Freedur VPN account. Click through to find out who... It was man versus beast, and Huang Shan Porters came in neck-and-neck alongside Landrey's Monkey: Huang Shan Henry Abbott What you said:
"this pic show us how they survive to live..."—tonkmaster "Fantastic image and color!"—Jan Roller
What the judges said:
"Great shot Henry. We have movement, environment, and we see a side of life that looks tough. The photograph transports us to a foreign land. Well done."—Jonah Kessel "Out of the top 10, this capture had the most intensity to it, along with awesome (though presumably accidental) composition. I personally feel that the porters are the best part about Huangshan"—Tom Carter
Andre, monkey What you said:
"who DOESN'T like a monkey? And that is a monkey. In a tree!"—Marsha Korngold "Totally amazing picture! You are a real talent with a fantastic capability of capturing the moment in a picture!"—Persiki
What the judges said:
"Love this shot. Love the saturation. Also—amazing job getting at the same height as the monkey Andre. Can't tell if your in the tree, or the branch is near the ground—but either way—great to see life from the monkey's perspective."—Jonah Kessel
Check back in tomorrow to see who makes it to number two! Click through to see the runners up and 2nd place winners.)
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