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Posted: March 24th, 2011 | Updated: April 12th, 2011 | Comments
And the winner is... In yet another tie, for the number two spot we have the people's favorite Ted Alcorn's gritty depiction of hard-working corn pickers in rural Pengzhou, which made quite an impression on our judges. Congratulations fellas, these superb photos have won each of you RMB 1000 of Ctrip flight vouchers! Click through to view the photos and the judges comments! Vincent Tadijo Saputro Harbin man What you said (reader comments):
"his expression + the light + the moment = perfect! #thumbup"—Valencia "his smile is very natural. awesome!"—Martin
What the judges said:
"A good representation of China’s Manchurian culture, and excellent perspective as well."—Tom Carter "It looks like it took effort to take this shot. I also like the fact that subject is aware he is being photographed and smiling about it. The communication between subject and photographer shows Vincent has an ability to communicate in foreign places. Great job."—Jonah Kessel
Ted Alcorn, pengzhou corn pickers What you said (reader comments):
"seeing these women literally wresting their food from the earth, dwarfed by the height of the corn, the action of picking in the foreground, the burden of carrying in the background, tells a story all by itself. Brilliant!"—Marsha Korngold "The composition of this photo is fabulous. And corn really is that hard to pull off the stalk, so I love her intensity like "You, corn ear, are MINE!""—Michelle
What the judges said:
"Aside from the candid beauty of this image, I also really like the subdued natural tones. I presently live in a rural farming village myself, and have witnessed first-hand the lives of China’s unappreciated agrarian populous, which is captured perfectly on this woman’s face"—Tom Carter "Beautiful frame here. One of the stronger composed photos. Nice depth of field, and awesome job getting in there with the farmers."—Jonah Kessel
Ted definitely has something to say when it comes to the massive gap between  life in China's towns and cities and its countryside. Check out the excellent photo essay he did for us on China's rural-urban divide. (Click through to see the runners-up and 3rd place winners.)
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