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Ctrip China Travel Photo Contest: And the winner is... | Bamboo Compass

Ctrip China Travel Photo Contest: And the winner is...

by China Travel
Posted: March 25th, 2011 | Updated: April 12th, 2011 | Comments
Ctrip China Travel photo contest Before we go on to look at who's taken the top spot and won themselves RMB 2000 Ctrip flight and hotel vouchers and a pair of Photojojo mobile phone lenses to keep them snap-happy and on-the-go, let's just re-cap on where we are so far: Runners-up (to view all runners-up click here): 7. Hong Kong Taxis" 6. Kirsty Collister's "Lady in Blue" & Senjetlee's "Dancing with Baskets" 5. Great Wall" 4. Jiuzhaigou" Joint 3rd (to view photos click here): 3. Huang Shan Porter" & "Landrey's Monkey" Joint 2nd (to view photos click here): 2.Ted Alcorn's "Pengzhou Corn-Pickers" & Vincent Tandiji Saputro's  "Harbin Man" Click to view the runner-up, 3rd place and 2nd place photos. And now for the number one spot, it's a big congratulations to... Nichola Clark and her "Cormorant Fisherman". With 1,146 votes, Nichola's photo only just made it through the public voting round, nudging into the top 10 with just 23 votes to spare against runner-up John F. Rash's security guards (no. 11), but when it came to our panel of pros, Nichola scooped the highest score in our composite ranking! Congratulations Nichola, this beautiful shot has netted you a total of RMB 2000 to spend with Ctrip on flights and hotels in China and a pair of mobile phone lenses (fisheye, wide angle and macro) from online camera store and all round photography fanatics, Photojojo—these high-clarity glass cell phone lenses are like pro lenses for your camera-phone, just snap them on for crisp and clear shots every time! Nichola Clark Cormorant fishermen About the image:
"This was quite and amazing moment and very symbolic of our time in Yangshuo. The cormorant birds are essential to the fishing process in this province, with many families relying on the catch for their daily food. The birds are treated with great respect and are bonded with their fishermen at a very young age and have an incredible relationship and loyalty that is quite magnificent to see. I feel that this image echoes the harmony between man and bird and how they communicate instinctively. The cormorants are restricted by what they can eat by a little string around their neck but this does not hurt the birds at all, they are traditionally rewarded with every sixth bird caught. The area has become very touristic however it is wonderful to see that it has not tainted some of the more traditional processes and ways of life, and the the traffic has helped to sustain the economy in the region. I truly hope that the balance is kept in this magical place and that greed does not overwhelm and swallow up the beauty and culture of this location." —Nichola Clark
What you said (reader comments):
"I love so much about this photo... the serene timelessness; the reflected curves of the birds' necks and the man's head and elbow; the way the fragile woven hat reflects the shape of the huge mountain; the textures of stone and feather - and so much more. And the composition is exquisite."—Dawa
What the judges said:
"The best picture because you can really feel the place"—Luca Locatelli "We get transported to a foreign place and the choice of BW gives us a historic feeling. Nice contrast and good angle"—Jonah Kessel
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